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Aquarius – 26 December 2022

It’s the time to hit the pause button and count your blessings. It’s the time to remember all the people who have poured the sweet elixir of joy into your chalice. It’s time to reconnect with those who make your existence here on earth special just by being a part of it. It’s time to bring your soul crew together and give thanks for the year that was as you set your intentions for the new year and become a conduit for magic!

Divine Guidance: Count your blessings, Aquarius!

Aquarius – 19 December 2022

Aquarius, your message this week is to be discerning. To be discerning with your time and energy. To share space with those who uplift you rather than those who deplete your resources. Remember, saying yes to what is a vibrational match will require you to say no to what isn’t, and that’s okay. Staying committed to self-growth means you will end up disappointing a few people. 

Divine Guidance: Be discerning with your time and energy.

Aquarius – 12 December 2022

Ready, set, go! The weekend sees you preparing for yet another adventure, Aquarius, and there ain’t nobody complaining! Remember to go over your list twice when you’re packing, though. Given all the excitement that surrounds you, there is a good chance you may leave out on something important. Some of you may be yearning for the outdoors right now. Go on that camping trip you’ve been thinking about or consider a walk through the wilderness with your boo. PS: Something tells us a holiday romance could be on the cards too.

Divine Guidance: Oh, the adrenaline rush!