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Aries – 2 January 2023

Aries should focus on cultivating positivity in their life. This means affirming the good in your life even when you’re not feeling it.Your focus may come back and it may help you achieve your goals. You may perform well in terms of business and domestic life. With the gift of awareness you will be able to listen to whispers of the Universe and redirect your chariot in the direction you’re being called in.

Divine Guidance: You may receive an elder’s blessing which may help you develop patience.

Aries – 26 December 2022

Imagine getting everything right the very first time we attempted. How terribly boring would that be! Today, the cards are urging you to get up and show up. To make a conscious effort to get better at what you do despite your past failures. You are moving steadily in the direction of growth, and that is something you are being reminded of.

Divine Guidance: It’s time to get up and show up, boo!

Aries- 19 December 2022

Relax. There’s no bad juju in the world that can take away what’s yours. Trust the process, beautiful. Know that you are in the process of manifesting your wildest dreams and deepest desires. In the realm of love, the cards are indicating an emotionally mature partner. The kind who isn’t afraid of letting their feelings be known despite what they have gone through in the past. Word for the wise: be honest. Be direct. Playing games this time around will not get you anywhere, beautiful.

Divine Guidance: You are in the process of manifesting your wildest dreams and deepest desires.

Aries – 12 December 2022

Today is a good day. You see clearly now. You see clearly how they were never really interested in co-creating a life together, in meeting you halfway or in making you feel seen and heard the way you desire. The good thing is, you are now breaking out of this vicious cycle and learning integral soul lessons. The only thing you want to remember as you march forward and onwards: actions always speak louder than words.

Divine Guidance: Give yourself the permission to march forward and onwards, beautiful.