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Cancer – 2 January 2023

Cancer, as the new year begins, you find yourself immersed in a transformative phase, a gateway to new beginnings. Remember, even when your conscious mind is filled with confusion, that your soul has deliberately chosen these experiences to facilitate your awakening. Embrace the notion that even the pain holds a sacred purpose, as it brings forth valuable insights. Embrace this opportunity to let go of outdated patterns and craft a fresh narrative for your life. We have a strong intuition that the version of yourself that emerges from the ashes of the old will be resilient and unstoppable. It’s essential to practice forgiveness, allowing yourself to progress towards the light. Recognize the individuals or situations as catalysts, liberating both them and yourself.

Divine Guidance: A new version of you is being born through the ashes of the old one.

Cancer – 26 December 2022

Today, the cards are bringing your attention to your side hustle. A certain side hustle that you have been ignoring, Cancer. Putting your personal projects on the back burner in order to make others happy will take you down the rabbit hole of resentment, beautiful. So, find a balance. Find a balance between how much you give yourself and how much you give other people. Filling your own cup first is not a crime, and that’s something you’re being reminded of today.

Divine Guidance: Find a balance between how much you give others and how much you give yourself.

Cancer – 19 December 2022

But, what does success mean to you, Cancer? More importantly, do you believe you have accomplished what you have set out to? Instead of looking for external validation, turn your gaze inwards, beautiful. Take a moment to acknowledge your journey and all the ways in which you have grown over the past decade.

PS: Recognizing your own power and potential will make you a force to be reckoned with!

Divine Guidance: Take a moment to acknowledge your own journey.

Cancer – 12 December 2022

We get it, Cancer. The pain of losing somebody you love is real. But, you know what’s harder? Holding onto somebody who clearly wants to move on. So, do yourself a favor and get real with yourself. Hold your head high and choose self-respect over everything else. Spirit is gently nudging you forward and promising you that you are being led towards a better future.

Divine Guidance: You need to look out for you, beautiful.