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Gemini – 2 January 2023

Occasionally, life may embrace us with tenderness, while at other times, it may shake our world vigorously, unraveling the truth and dispelling any illusions that keep us ignorant. Gemini, it is probable that you will experience the latter today. Instead of succumbing to panic, take a deep breath. Ground yourself in the present and observe what no longer aligns with your journey. You must willingly release what no longer serves you. Have faith that you are actively crafting a fresh and transformative reality for yourself.

Divine Guidance: The outmoded will have to be banished willfully.

Gemini – 26 December 2022

It’s all about home, family and belonging in the Gemini HQ. Holiday season sees you spreading cheer and connecting with your soul family on a deeper level. Remember, learning to accept people as they are will make room for magic. Geminis who have been seeing each other for a while may feel the urge to commit for the long haul. Don’t be afraid to say the three magic words, if that’s something you want to. There’s no such thing as being *too much* when you’re with the right person.

Divine Guidance: It’s all about home, family and belonging today!

Gemini – 19 December 2022

If there’s one thing you can be sure of today it’s that things are unlikely to go your way. Know that this is not a bad thing, Gemini. That Spirit is not out to punish you in any way. The changes you are experiencing in the physical are the changes that you have called in on a soul level. So, accept the present for the gift that it is. Move into a state of allowance and trust your higher self to guide you towards that future you have always envisioned for yourself.

Divine Guidance: Accept the present for the gift that it is.

Gemini – 12 December 2022

Spells have been cast. Intentions have been set. At the same time, the actions required to set things into motion have been taken. It’s now time to sit back, relax and watch things unfold in your favor. If only you could see the magic that surrounds you at the moment, beautiful. Those who’ve been manifesting a long-term partnership are being reminded that there is somebody with potential in their orbit. Word of warning, though: don’t take things for granted. For best results, put your needs on the table from the start.

Divine Guidance: Spells have been cast! Chill out.