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Scorpio – 2 January 2023

Scorpio, it’s crucial to understand that the current moment is not the time to adopt an “aloof and mysterious” approach. Instead, it’s time to openly express your emotions and wear your heart on your sleeve with utmost clarity. Trust that by wholeheartedly revealing your true self, you will open the doorway to profound intimacy. For some of you, commitment may be a significant aspect to consider. Do not allow the fear of rejection or the weight of past experiences hinder you from expressing your genuine desires. You deserve to be loved for who you are, and you deserve it without delay.

Divine Guidance: Recognise the strength in vulnerability.

Scorpio – 26 December 2022

If we told you that you are *fully* supported in the dream-weaving process, what are the miracles you would call in? How would you rewrite the script? Just a reminder, Scorpio: You are creating your Destiny with every thought, word and action. So, reclaim your inherent power as you begin to believe in the impossible. It’s time to set your intentions for the coming year. It’s time to update your vision board with the inner knowing that Spirit will meet you half.

Divine Guidance: Dream in HD and update your vision board for 2023.

Scorpio – 19 December 2022

You are blessed with the power of free will, Scorpio. In other words, you have what it takes to swallow the poison that is being poured into your cup and turn into a sweet nectar. You possess the fortitude required to transform every breakdown into a breakthrough. It all comes down to how you will approach the given circumstances. Just a reminder: Spirit is working with and not against you, now and in every moment.

Divine Guidance: Turn the poison in a sweet nectar.

Scorpio – 12 December 2022

Let’s get real, Scorpio . You love playing tragedy queen, you love pining over erstwhile lovers and you love repeating the story of unrequited love. But, the second somebody begins to reciprocate your feelings, you run for the hills and never look back. If the runner-chaser dynamic is something you’re stuck in at this moment, take a moment to look within and assess the patterns at play. There is joy in predictability. There is joy in coming back home to somebody who cares for you deeply.

Divine Guidance: Assess where the need to run is coming from.