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Taurus – 2 January 2023

Here’s an idea, there’s an idea, everywhere I look, I see an idea! Wearing too many hats has its perks, Taurus. But can it give you the satisfaction you deserve? Something to think about as you step into 2023. This year you’re being asked to simplify, simplify, simplify. Focus on the aspects of your career that truly bring you joy. Consistency sometimes means doing the same thing repeatedly, and that’s okay. Trust that this is where your true growth lies.

Divine Guidance: Your energy is your currency, protect it, spend it wisely.

Taurus – 26 December 2022

You’ve got big dreams, Taurus, and you won’t stop until you’ve made your way to the top. The only flaw in your plan? That those around you may not be as supportive as you’d like them to. So, do yourself a favour: express your truth but also manage your expectations. Remembering that people will only deliver what they have committed to when they are ready will free you in more ways than you can imagine.

Divine Guidance: A certain degree of non-attachment is required of you.

Taurus – 19 December 2022

But, what is the cause of your suffering, Taurus? The sudden changes that you’re going through or your resistance to them? Remember, the algorithm of the Universe is perfect and the algorithm of the Universe is always working in your favor. So, allow that which needs to come undone, to come undone. This is your chance to clear out the stale energy that’s been lingering around and call in that which is in alignment with your highest and greatest good.

Divine Guidance: Drop the resistance, beautiful.

Taurus – 12 December 2022

If you’ve been looking for a sign to daylight as the sexy hermit that you truly feel like on the inside, retreat into your cave, make passionate love to the Muse (or not), cuddle with your furry friends (or boo!), and avoid any and all human interactions like the plague, this is it! This is the season to go underground, Taurus! This is the season to hibernate as if it is the greatest sport in the world! Something tells us a new you is waiting to be born from the ashes of the new one.

Divine Guidance: Be the reclusive artist you’ve always wanted to be!