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Virgo – 2 January 2023

Virgo, it’s essential to acknowledge the truth: the signs were there all along. However, you consciously decided to perceive what you wanted to see. You granted them the benefit of doubt. As Mercury goes into retrograde, it serves as a reminder to decelerate and remove your blinders. It’s time to perceive the situation as it truly is and cease settling for less than you deserve. Remember, your needs are valid and deserving of fulfillment, my dear.

Divine Guidance: Your needs are valid and deserve to be met.

Virgo – 26 December 2022

Duality is a way of life in the earthly realm. The highs are followed by the lows, and ups are followed by the downs. To expect everything to be picture-perfect in every moment would be a tad bit unrealistic. So, accept where you are now and what life is showing you. Taking a moment to revisit your lessons and turn the wounds into wisdom is what you’re being called to focus on right now. When it comes to your interpersonal relationships, practise honesty. Practise telling those who matter what you think and feel without worrying about how you will be perceived. Just a reminder: people are *not* mind readers.

Divine Guidance: Accept what life is showing you right now.

Virgo – 19 December 2022

Spoiler alert, Virgo: life is not meant to be controlled. Life is not meant to be manipulated or micromanaged either. So, let go. Let go of your false sense of control as you jump back into the flow. You are where you are supposed to be and everything is unfolding in accordance with the divine plan. Your trust and surrender will unlock the portal of miracles, wild one.

Divine Guidance: Step back and allow.

Virgo – 12 December 2022

We get it, Virgo. You love the thrill of the new. You want to be out and about right now. You want to put on your shiniest shoes, sign up for all kinds of adventures and give them a sneak-peek into your world. The catch? Your sexy someone could be in the mood to hibernate right now. Just a reminder: your dreams and desires are valid, and deserve to be heard. Make sure you have a conversation about what’s important so you don’t spend the rest of your life waiting, beautiful.

Divine Guidance: Make sure they’re on the same page as you are.