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Pranav Shanmukh Yellayi

I had my tarot reading done by Miss Advika during the lockdown on the platform called Clubhouse. I wasn’t a guy who’d believe in these things naturally, but was excited on how the predictions would turn out. I got to know about my love, fame and money in my life. Although there wasn’t much predictions, but I felt that Miss Advika was satisfyingly accurate in judging my past. As far as my future was concerned, she had some predictions which were based on some suggestions, which turned out to be true to a great extent. Overall, I am thankful to Miss Advika as her tarot reading ‘did give me positive reinforcement in my life.

Ipsha Srivastava

I had a fantastic experience With Advika. She Prepared a personal questionnaire so that the card reading could be as pI had a fantastic experience with Advika. She was in tune with me and where I wanted to go with the reading, how I was feeling and the guidance I needed. I was open with my questions, not knowing exactly what I wanted to know and came out feeling like I had direction and more sure of myself. Advika gave me confidence in the path I was taking, helping me to trust my intuition and my feelings and to be true to myself. I was very general with my questions which could be difficult to answer but Advika was specific with her guidance, giving me the knowledge I needed to help me with my journey. Thank you – I will be back!

Nikhil Lalwani

Your reading was really accurate. You actually told me what is happening in my life. Which was unbelievable for me to take it. You also told me about the possible future outcomes that are going to happen. It was really insightful and in detail. And the solutions you provided me were wonderful. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a tarot card reading to go for your session. Thank you so much for helping Advika.

Rupa Htun (Myanmmar)

You nearly give 30 mins of your precious time n my eyes were really wide open by how accurate you were saying all the things about me, my relationships and even when i got a mentor that time. Surprising thing was that, No one know that i just got a mentor and I didn’t even told that person yet that they are my mentor but the way you said in the reading was mind BLOWING! SECONDLY, the vibes which you were giving were so positive that it make me believe in myself and to do things right. It was soo positive vibes that even among all the chaos, you make me calm. The way you explain with patience and dedication was really applaudable!Thank you for being an amazing Tarot Reader!

Vaibhav Sethia

I had a fantastic experience With Advika. She Prepared a personal questionnaire so that the card reading could be as personalized as possible, and it was pretty accurate and gave me Solutions for my problem, which worked out well for me. highly recommend.