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Capricorn – 2 January 2023

Capricorn, the key to unlocking new possibilities lies in the concept of “innovation.” You have reached a point in your journey where you realize that repeating the same actions in the same manner will only lead to ordinary outcomes. Thus, you are eager to initiate an internal revolution and introduce transformative shifts for the benefit of the collective. It’s important to remember that not everyone around you may be willing to embrace the proposed changes, and that’s alright. Embrace tactfulness as a guiding principle in your interactions. By the way, if you’ve been engaging in playful flirtation with someone via text, it’s time to transition to offline connections!

Divine Guidance: It’s time for an inner and outer revolution.

Capricon – 26 December 2022

But, meditation isn’t just about sitting in silence, observing your breath and watching your thoughts come and go from a neutral space. It’s about moving deeper and deeper into the ocean of awareness. It’s about becoming self-aware and recognizing those destructive thought patterns that keep you ignorant. Today, you’re being asked to hold space for what’s coming up to be healed without judging it or attaching a story to it. Spirit knows what’s best for you and Spirit is supporting you in this process of gentle transformation.

Divine Guidance: Light the lamp of awareness

Capricon – 19 December 2022

So, you didn’t manifest the corner office this year, even though you tried to get ahead in the game. So, you didn’t get the promotion you have been working towards or serendipitously meet your soulmate at the coffee shop you visit on your way to work everyday. Let me tell you a secret, Capricorn: nobody knows what the hell they’re doing. We’re all showing up and trying our best nonetheless. Accept that life is a process of trial-and-error, that you will trip and fall time and again, and that’s okay. Gentleness is what is required of you at this moment.

Divine Guidance: Be gentle with yourself, beautiful.

Capricorn – 12 December 2022

We get it, Capricorn. You need a plan in place for everything, your finances included—and that has always been your strength, beautiful. Right now, you feel like the only one who is trying to create a reserve while they go and spend all your funds. Could it be that they just want to lighten the mood a little? Now is a good time to replace rigidity with flexibility.
PS: Know that there is nothing communication cannot solve.

Divine Guidance: Have the uncomfortable conversation you have been avoiding for a while now.